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    alphabetsong_action song

    alphabetsong_action song

    本文由網友Alexis Carroll提供,除alphabetsong還為您推薦了alphabet愛法貝怎么樣,alphabet fun什么意思,alphabet什么意思中文意思。


    Shadow Of The Dead 歌詞

    歌曲名:Shadow Of The Dead
    專輯:The Bright Lights Of America

    Anti-Flag-Shadow Of The Dead Lyrics
    tonight, tonight, tonight…
    i’m gonna stay awake.
    safe inside this trojan horse until day breaks.
    open it up, tear it up, fuck it up…
    in the streets runs a river knee deep.
    hidden in the blood of our own
    lies the alphabet of the free.
    as i walk through the valley in the shadow of the dead,
    will you remember them?
    as i walk through the valley in the shadow of the dead,
    will you remember them?
    Anti-Flag QQ群52280959全國首發
    Ce soir, ce soir, ce soir. Je vais rester éveillé.
    there is no extinguishing the resistance you betray.
    the marquis, zapatista, white rose.
    can we see the end of a battle unheard?
    for every name in history
    there are a thousand more interred.
    as i walk through the valley in the shadow of the dead,
    will you remember them?
    as i walk through the valley in the shadow of the dead,
    will you remember them?
    and i can’t believe my own eyes.
    i’ve seen this sight 100 times.
    and i can’t believe my own eyes.
    i’ve seen this sight 100 times.
    and i can’t believe my own eyes.
    i’ve seen this sight 100 times.
    and i can’t believe my own eyes.
    we will be sovereign in the water
    in the shadow of the dead.
    still no one remembers them.
    we will be free in the cold of the shadow of the dead.
    oh, you will remember then.
    as i walk through the valley in the shadow of the dead,
    will you remember them?
    as i walk through the valley in the shadow of the dead,
    will you remember them?
    as i walk through the valley in the shadow of the dead,
    will you remember them?


    Untitled In D 歌詞

    歌曲名:Untitled In D
    歌手:Not Waving But Drowning
    專輯:If It S Too Cute Set It On Fire

    Nas – Untitled
    No revolutionary gets old
    Or so I’m told
    You’re left full of bullet-holes
    When you tell the people go free
    Oh, it’s a matter of days before they try to take me
    I heard gunshots rang
    His bullet got my name
    I ain’t see him take aim
    I dreamt this day came
    ‘Cause I stood in the face of damnation
    Satan, spat at him, flat out disgraced him
    He want my blood; why me?
    Why not the fake ones who deserve death, man
    Can stop me but can’t stop a whole nation
    Of millions who feel you deceived them
    They believing reparation makes it even
    So I’m deadly now because of one reason
    They listening
    In Budapest, Japan, China, and Switzerland
    We getting it in, son
    Another bullet passed by–missed me
    Wondering who plotting to get me
    Alphabet boys still plotting against me
    To hush me up and stuff me in the pockets of history
    You won’t remember why they came to clip me
    When time go by, you’ll soon forget me
    They say he was the king of bling, jewels, and Bentley’s
    Then they use one of my lines just to prove I’m guilty
    Don’t let them kill me
    Some revolutionaries do live long
    Am I one of them? Guess we’ll know in due time
    Everybody has rights, can I use mine?
    Can I rock shine? Can I have a girl that’s too fine?
    Got a swell life, tell me, will I lose mine?
    Every time I turn around somebody new dying
    Let’s start living
    Ala carte escargot, Escobar, invest my millions
    Mansion for the wife, the rest for the children
    Knowing that they coming any time, but until then
    I’m at large until they shoot me
    Million dollar stones and my camouflage Gucci
    Giving you this crack like Pookie
    To question the system
    Be the resistance
    No matter what color you are
    Everybody nigga’s
    You can stand by and watch
    Or you can march on with us



    MTV Japan Video Music Awards: (Tokyo, Japan / May 27, 2006)
    Legend Award
    Guiness Book Of World Records: (issue 2006)

    Best-selling Album Of All Time: ‘Thriller’ with global sales of over 51 million copies to date
    Longest Music Video: ‘Ghosts’ (USA, 1996), with 35 mins
    Most Valuable Sculpture By A Living Artist: ‘Michael Jackson and Bubbles’, a porcelain sculpture created by the artist Jeff Koons in 1988 sold for $5,616,750 at Sotheby’s in New York on May 15, 2001. The piece measures 106.7 x 179.1 x 82.6 cm (42 x 70.5 x 32.5 in).
    Most Grammy Awards Won In A Year By A Person: At the 26th Annual Grammy Awards in 1984 Michael Jackson won eight Grammy awards.
    Most Valuable Oscar: David O Selznick’s 1940 Best Film Oscar for ‘Gone With The Wind’ (USA, 1939) was bought by Michael Jackson, for $1,542,000 on June 12, 1999, at Sotheby’s, New York.
    Honorable Mention – Greatest Distance Moonwalked in One Hour: Adam Hall of San Francisco, California, was over the moon aftering moonwalking through the backstreets of Denver, Colorado, for a distance of 2.41 km (1.5 miles) in one hour on October 22, 2002. A “moonwalk support crew” shadowed 25-year-old Adam in an automobile, measuring his distance with an odometer. The record-setting walk formed part of a longer “Moonwalk for Earth” relay with Ramsey Brookhart (USA) and Joshua Dodd (USA), an attempt to raise awareness of renewable forms of energy. “We live under this brown cloud,” said Hall, “and people don’t seem to understand how much of that comes from burning coal to provide electricity. We want people to know that there are other ways to make electricity.”
    AASA Humanitarian Award: (Washington, D.C., USA / April 1)
    Humanitarian Award from The African Ambassadors?Spouses Association, AASA, for Michael Jackson’s worldwide humanitarian efforts, particularly in Africa.
    Key to the City: (Gary, USA / June 11)
    Michael was honored with the key of the city by the mayor of Gary.
    BMI Urban Awards: (Miami, USA / August 5)
    Best song: ‘Butterflies’
    (Marsha Ambrosius, SPZ Music Inc., Michael Jackson, Epic Records)

    Key to the City: (Las Vegas, USA / October 25)
    Michael was honored with the key of the city by Mr. Goodman, mayor of Las Vegas.

    Radio Music Awards: (Las Vegas, USA / October 27)
    Humanitarian Award (presented by Beyonce Knowles for the first time)

    Power of Oneness Lifetime Achievement Award: (Universal Studios Hollywood, Globe Theater, USA / November 15)
    presented for Michael’s lifelong commitment to writing, singing, and speaking about the need to take responsibility for the world’s children and making our world a better place

    American Music Awards: (January 9)
    Artist Of The Century Award
    NRJ Awards: (Cannes, France / January 19)
    Best International Male Singer Award

    NAACP Image Awards: (February 21)
    Outstanding Music Video: ‘You Rock My World’
    Outstanding Variety Series/Special: 30th Anniversary Celebration
    Outstanding Performance in a Variety Series/Special: 30th Anniversary Celebration

    Celebrate the Magic Foundation: (announced March 20; presented May 1)
    1st Magical Life Award

    Life magazine – Top 100 Rock & Rollers Of All Time: (published March 20)
    Michael is listed at #9 on the list.

    National Academy of Popular Music/Songwriters: (Sheraton Hotel, New York, USA / June 13)
    Michael is inducted into their Hall of Fame.

    30th Anniversary Award (New York, USA / July 6)

    World Arts Awards 2002: (Vienna, Austria / November 2)
    For his work as most successful pop artist of the present with what he has written music history (more than 150 Million music units sold).

    Bambi Awards: (Berlin, Germany / November 21)
    Pop Artist Of The Millennium

    Billboard Awards: (Las Vegas, USA / December 9)
    Special Billboard Award to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s 1982 Epic album ‘Thriller,’ which spent more weeks at No. 1 (37 weeks) than any other album in the history of The Billboard 200.

    MJ Day 10: (March 7)
    MJ Day 10 Award (presented by Adrian Grant on behalf of millions of loving fans all around the world)
    Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame: (March 19)
    Michael Jackson is inducted as a solo artist

    World Music Awards:
    Best Selling Pop Male Artist Of The Millennium
    G&P Foundation: (Marriott Marquis Hotel, New York, USA / November 30)
    Angel of Hope Award (presented by N-Sync for Michael’s work fighting cancer)

    Bollywood Award (Indian Film Industry):
    Outstanding Humanitarian Award
    Bravo Magazine:
    Silver Otto Award
    Bob Fosse Award:
    Best Choreography In A Music Video, “Ghosts”
    Bravo Magazine:
    Silver Otto Award
    Best Album, “HIStory”
    Best Show, HIStory Tour

    Brazilian TVZ Video Awards:
    Best International Video of the Year, “Blood On The Dance Floor”

    Dutch Music Factory Awards:
    Best Male Singer
    Best Live Act

    Live! Magazine Reader’s Poll:
    Most Memorable Male Performer
    Legend Of Live Entertainment

    Soul Train Music Awards:
    Video award is renamed The Michael Jackson Award for Best R&B/Soul or Rap Video

    Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame:
    Jackson 5 are inducted

    American Music Awards:
    Favorite Pop/ Rock Male Artist of the Year
    Blockbuster Entertainment Awards:
    Favorite Pop Male Award, “HIStory”
    Bravo Magazine:
    Golden Otto Award
    Platinum Otto Award, Lifetime Achievement Award (1st Recipient)
    Best Male Singer
    Best Album, “HIStory”
    Best Show, HIStory Tour
    Nicest Singer

    Brit Awards:
    Artist Of A Generation Award

    French Film Awards:
    Best Video Award, “Earth Song”

    Dutch Grammy Awards:
    Best International Male Artist
    Best International Album, “HIStory”

    Genesis Awards:
    Doris Day Music Award, “Earth Song” (given for an animal-sensitive, musical work)

    Grammy Awards:
    Best Music Video, “Scream”

    Irish Music Awards:
    Best International Male Artist

    Hong Kong Hit Radio:
    Best International Male Artist
    Best Song of the Year, “You Are Not Alone”

    World Music Awards:
    Best Selling Album Of All Time, “Thriller”
    Best Selling Male Artist of 1996
    Best Selling American Artist
    Best Selling R&B Artist
    Best Selling Artist Ever

    Black Entertainment Television:
    1st Recipient of the BET Hall Of Fame Award
    Billboard Music Awards:
    Special Hot 100 Award

    Billboard Music Video Awards:
    Video of the Year, “Scream”

    Bravo Magazine:
    Golden Otto Award

    Brazilian TVZ Video awards:
    Best International Video of the Year, “Scream”

    European MTV Music Awards:
    Best Male Artist of the Year

    MTV Awards:
    Best Dance Video, “Scream”
    Best Choreography, “Scream”
    Best Art Direction, “Scream”

    Smash Hits Awards:
    Best Male Artist

    Bravo Magazine:
    Gold Otto Award
    Cable Ace Awards:
    Outstanding Musical Special (HBO presentation of Dangerous Concert from Bucharest)

    Children’s Choice Awards:
    Caring For Kids Award
    Crenshaw Community Youth & Arts Foundation:
    Humanitarian Award

    MTV Movie Awards:
    Best Song In A Movie, “Will You Be There”

    Smash Hits Awards:
    Best Male Vocalist

    Pop Rock Magazine:
    Favorite Singer of the Year

    American Music Awards:
    Best Pop/ Rock Album, “Dangerous”
    Best Soul/ R&B Single, “Remember The Time”
    Special International Artist Award
    Bravo Magazine:
    Gold Otto Award

    BMI Awards:
    Most Performed Songs Of The Year, “Black Or White” & “Remember The Time”

    Echo Awards:
    Best International Artist of the Year

    Grammy Awards:
    Living Legend Award

    Guinness Book Of World Records:
    Lifetime Achievement Award for most world records in the world of entertainment

    NAACP Image Awards:
    Entertainer of the Year
    Outstanding Music Video, “Black Or White”

    Soul Train Music Awards:
    Best R&B Single, “Remember The Time”
    Best R&B album, “Dangerous”
    Humanitarian Of The Year

    World Music Awards:
    Best Selling American Artist
    World’s Best Selling Pop Artist
    World’s Best Selling Artist Of The Era

    Billboard Music Awards:
    Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of “Thriller”, the best-selling album of all time.
    Number One World Album, “Dangerous”
    Number One World Artist

    Bravo Magazine:
    Gold Otto Award

    Gabon, Africa:
    National Honor Of Merit Award
    National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters:
    Lifetime Achievement Award

    Operation One To One Award:
    Point Of Light Ambassador (presented by American President George Bush)

    Rockbj鰎nen Award: (readers’ poll of the Swedish newspaper ‘Aftonbladet’)
    Best Foreign Album (‘Dangerous’, Michael Jackson)

    Lifetime Achievement Award

    US President G. Bush: (USA)
    Point Of Light Ambassador

    MTV Awards:
    The Video Vanguard Award is renamed The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.
    Music Video Producers’ Hall of Fame:
    “Thriller” video is inducted

    American Cinema Awards:
    Entertainer Of The Decade
    Emmy Awards:
    Outstanding Musical Special, Sammy Davis Jr. 60th Anniversary Celebration
    Nominee-Outstanding Song, “You Were There” (tribute to Sammy Davis Jr.)

    BMI Inaugural:
    1st Michael Jackson Award of Achievement

    Boy Scouts of America:
    Good Scout Humanitarian Award

    Capital Children’s Museum:
    Humanitarian Award

    Grammy Awards:
    Best Video, “Leave Me Alone”

    Music Connection:
    Man of the Year

    Sony Entertainment:
    Top Selling Artist of the Decade

    Soul Train Music Awards:
    Artist of the Decade

    Vanity Fair Magazine:
    Most Popular Artist In The History Of Show Business

    Presidential Special Recognition:
    Artist of the Decade (presented by American President George Bush)

    American Music Awards:
    Special Award of Achievement
    Black Entertainment Television:
    Award for the Success of “Bad” Tour

    Billboard Awards:
    Number One Black Artist
    Number One Album-Pop/R&B, “Bad”

    Bravo Magazine:
    Bronze Otto Award

    British TV Industry Awards:
    Artist of the Decade

    British Phonographic Industry Awards:
    Video of the Year

    British Academy of Music Awards:
    Best International Male Artist

    Brit (British Record Industry Trust) Awards:
    Best International Male
    Best Music Video: “Smooth Criminal”

    Video Pioneer Award

    Critic’s Choice Award:
    Best Video

    Entertainment Tonight:
    Most Important Entertainer Of The Decade

    Friday Night Videos:
    Greatest Artist Of The Decade
    Number One Artist of the Year

    Forbes Magazine:
    Number One Entertainer of the Year
    Gardner Street Elementary School:
    Most Famous Alumnus, renamed school auditorium after Michael Jackson

    MTV Awards:
    Video Vanguard Award, “Thriller” (The Greatest Video In The History Of The World)

    National Urban Coalition:
    Artist/ Humanitarian Award

    People’s Choice Awards:
    Favorite Music Video, “Smooth Criminal”

    Rolling Stone Magazine:
    Video of the Decade, “Thriller”

    Soul Train Music Awards:
    Heritage Award
    1st Annual Sammy Davis Jr. Award

    Vanity Fair Magazine:
    Artist of the Decade

    Video Software Dealer’s Association:
    Favorite Music Video, “Moonwalker”

    World Music Awards:
    Hall Of Fame
    Lifetime Achievement In Music Video
    Viewer’s Choice Favorite Video, “Dirty Diana”

    American Dance Award

    BRE Awards:
    Triple Crown Award – King Of Pop, Rock & Soul
    Video Of The Year

    American Music Awards:
    Favorite Single-Soul/ R&B
    Billboard Awards:
    Top Black Artist
    Outstanding Artist of the Year
    Best Live Show of 1988, “Bad”

    Bravo Magazine:
    Gold Otto Award

    上海學生英語報.初中進階版第966期《The number 13——luck

    Numbers have a part in our daily lives. After all, we live with numbers. From television channels to computers, numbers are used everywhere!

      A few centuries ago, people started to make lucky numbers. This was inspired by people who were having trouble in their lives. However, when there are lucky numbers, there ought to be unlucky numbers, right? So, people started to look for that particular number and, unluckily, 13 became that “dangerous” number.

      According to the Christian religion , Judas was the 13th person at Jesus Christ’s last supper. And it was he who betrayed Jesus. So now many people consider it very inauspicious to have 13 people around a dinner table, believing that if 13 people sit down to have dinner together, one of them would die within the year.

      In ancient Turkey, the number 13 was nearly erased from the vocabulary because of its meaning of bad luck; many cities in the U.K. and the U.S.A. do not have a 13th street or a 13th avenue, and buildings do not have a 13th floor or a house with the number 13.

      Friday the 13th is thought to be extremely unlucky because it is a combination of an unlucky day and an unlucky number. Now, people avoid holding a wedding on that day, some people even avoid driving on Friday the 13th!

      However, not everyone is afraid of 13. Somebody even loves it! Pop singer Taylor Swift draws “13” on her hand before every show. She has credited it with many of her successes in the last few years. Not only is it the day she was born on in December 1989, but over the years it has become so much more. “I was born on the 13th. I turned 13 on Friday the 13th. My first album went gold in 13 weeks. My first No. 1 song had a 13 – second intro ,” she explains. “Every time I’ve won an award I’ve been seated in either the 13th seat, the 13th row, the 13th section or row M, which is the 13th letter in the alphabet.”

      So, is 13 lucky or unlucky ? Igor Radun , a professor who studies human behaviors , might have the answer: “There are no lucky or unlucky numbers; they exist only in our heads — or in the heads of some of us — and they might become lucky or unlucky only if we make them as such.”



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